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Whats the difference between toughened and laminated glass?    

Toughened or tempered glass is five times stronger than glass of the same thickness. If it breaks , it will shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. This reduces the risk of someone cutting themselves.

Laminated glass is made up of two layers of glass seperated by a layer of transparent vinyl. On impact , either one or two layers of glass will crack but the vinyl holds it together. This gives greater security and leaves less of a mess.                                                          

Why glass breaks?

- most commonly its some impact on the glass.

- poor installation , glass is not flexible and cant be fitted tight in frame.

- hot objects put on to cold glass.

- wrong type of glass used for wrong purpose.

When is safety glass required?

All doors and glass adjacent to doors must be safety glass under law. Also any glass below waist level in windows.

My double glazed unit is fogging up, can it be repaired?

No. Im afraid if the seal has broke down, a new unit is needed.

Only one side of my unit is cracked, can it be repaired?

No, the whole unit has to be replaced.

My window wont close properly, what is the problem?

Its most likely, your hinges are strained and need replacing.